Tick Tock- Tick Tock

Photo Courtesy: OFS

“Kashi, don’t you want to eat tonight?” quipped the Jailor. “Not tonight Daroga Babu [Jailor], not tonight” replied Kashi. The Daroga peeped into the cell, saw Kashi lying down and left to check on others. Hours passed, there was darkness all around. Silence was the only music that played, along with a faint tick-tock of Kashi’s old HMT watch.

Kashi Ram slept on an old, dirty bed in his cell; a bed burdened by his frail body for over 30 years now. Kashi was in deep sleep, his face calm but serious, while his mind traveled in a dream.

In his dream, he was walking on a thin mud platform, his legs dirty, and his clothes torn. He walked for hours before he reached his little village. He saw his home after years. He opened the door and saw his wife. She was cooking his favorite vegetable curry and rice. She looked at him, wearing her best smile. “How did she know I was coming?” Kashi was puzzled.

Suddenly, a strong flash of light blinded his view. He lost sight of his wife, he felt he lost all his weight and was slowly travelling out of his body.

There was darkness all around. Silence was the only music that played as the faint tick-tock of Kashi’s old HMT watch died away. The watch stopped. And so did Kashi.

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