Projection -Nut & Stud Welding Electrodes:

Projection Welding Electrodes

PARENTNashik offers various types of projection welding electrode | Nut & Stud welding electrodes made in Chromium copper zirconium |C-18150 | group-A | and faced with tungsten copper | C74350 | group B | to your portable projection welders. For nut feeder system PARENT’s nut welding electrodes are the paramount. These electrode assemblies consist of heads / Cap, locating pins, bodies & upper electrodes. Especially Cap/heads are available with tungsten copper faced to give more life to electrodes. Air pressure type nut welding electrode assembly are available. Guide pins are made hard steel with coating along with coated insulating sleeve.

Stud welding electrodes and backup electrodes are available for stud 6mm to 12mm. Bodies are made in CuZrCu with tungsten copper on face.

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Projection Welding Electrodes
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