Points to Keep in Mind When You Hire Software Project Manager

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These days entrepreneurs are looking to hire a technical project manager who can manage the technical flow of their business.

And we all know that project managers are the critical part of any business process. As they manage the whole flow and keep the team in a line.

Are you in search of a technical manager for your business? But confused about where to start from?

No worries!! In this article, we will cover all the important aspects the one should keep in mind when hiring a technical project manager.

Glimpse on the Technical Project Manager

When your company is flooded with more projects and team members it becomes extremely important to hire a technical project manager. As they will ensure to keep everything on line so that the project runs smoothly. The manager can help you to give estimated timelines, assign team members for the project, regular updates and much more. Below-given are a few points every software manager will take part in.

● Structuring project in various phases.

● Dealing with roadblocks coming in the way.

● Keeping all the needed members on one page.

● Updates about the progress.

● Using smart paradigm to achieve business goals.

● Building strategies to avoid risks.

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How to Hire a Software Project Manager?

So, firstly look at the challenges faced by your company and list out the point you are in search of. Once you’re clear with a shot of requirements, build a best description about your company. With it even add your requirements to hire the project manager and upload it in the top recruiting sites. When you go for hiring the software manager, you must look for the below-given points in person.


The project manager you hire must-have skills for project management as well as the technical side. He/she should be equally equipped for both the skills. Beside it, below-given are the few skills to look in your project manager.

● Managing software cycle

● Quality assurance and testing

● Communication skills

● Planning the right business model for the project

● Website redesigning (extra advantage)


The manager is a post where one reaches with their experience. As the experience is the thing required when managing so many things together. Hence a few things to consider here are.

● Years of experience in IT infrastructure for project management.

● Look at the reviews or the projects that the manger you’re going to hire has worked upon.

● In short, the project manager should be super-organized and detail-oriented with experience.

Technical Project Manager Credentials

As I already said that the manager you hire will have the responsibilities for both technical as well as organizational. You must look at the certificates they are carrying to look at how genuine they are. For instance, some companies may ask for the credential certificate of the scrum or agile software methodology. As the company is using it for their business flow. This way as per your requirements, you can ask the project manager for the credentials.

In addition to all the above points, to get the best project manager write an impressive description of your company. You can get the best managers by reaching out to the organizations related to your field. One more thing to make a note here networking is the stuff that matters when hiring a candidate.

How Much Does it Cost To Hire Technical Project Manager?

This question might be rolling in your mind. What could be the approximate cost when hiring a technical project manager?

Well, it will completely depend on how experienced project manager you hire and your requirements for it. You should be first clear about the scope of your project so that you get an average costing for it. With that, you should even consider the timings as the time and cost will be directly proportional to each other.

The technical project manager comes in the three levels.

Basic: The one will have soft skills and experience within 2 years. The average rate you can consider for them is $30 to $60 per hour.

Intermediate: The project manager with 2+ years of experience who has working knowledge of project methodologies. Their range will be from $60 to $100 per hour.

Advanced: One with years of experience and have more than one certificate in the project management field. The rate for them will be $100 to $150 per hour.

These are three levels in which you can hire a technical project manager and their average costs.

Parting Thoughts

So this was all about how to hire software project managers and their estimated costs. Look at your requirements and then select the one which suits it best.

You can get innumerable benefits by hiring a project manager. They can ease your work to a great level and will ensure that the whole business flow is on the same page.

So what are you waiting for? Get the best project manager for your business.

Paresh Sagar is the CEO of Excellent Webworld , IoT, Web and Mobile App Development Company that helps startups and enterprises to enable mobility solution.

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