3 Gurus/Mentors I have learnt a lot from

In India, we celebrate today’s day as “Guru Purnima” day, a day to celebrate the importance of Gurus and their contribution in your life and your career.

Today, I am happy to share about 3 Gurus/Mentors, I have actually learnt a lot of things since I started my professional career back in 2009. I am sure most of you are already aware that I have been exploring the horizon of Android applications development since 2009 and also doing my best for the community by delivering talks across borders, writing blogs, helping out fellow developers by posting answers over stackoverflow, mentoring android startups and apps by providing them review and feedback on their applications. Yes last point is new and I have started taking more interest and started practicing it since I guess last year, I don’t remember but I have mentored couple of good apps/start-ups!

Anyway, you might be wondering whom I have followed so far and I have learnt almost all the above things from. You might be wondering but below are the 3 Gurus/Mentors:

1. Uttam Kumar Tripathi


He is currently working as a Global Head of Dev Agencies and Community Programs, Google. He was previously working as a Program Manager, Google India. I started contributing to GDG India by starting a GDG Ahmedabad chapter in 2011 and since then we are rocking the Ahmedabad developers community.

It’s been almost 6 years since we are contributing to GDG Ahmedabad community, I will not hesitate in saying GDG Ahmedabad is not one of the biggest (or even biggest in India in near future) developers community in India. We would be thankful to Uttam as it would not have been possible if we would not have Uttam with us when it was started!

Also I have worked with him closely for couple of initiatives for the community. I am constantly noticing and following his steps for the community.

I was lucky enough to get 2 times Google IO invites and I am nominated and interviewed twice for the Google Developers Expert program, but I was unlucky enough to unlock either of the things during his time at GDG India. Though I am being unlucky in cracking GDE interviews and getting into it, I have written a quora post and share my views on it, may be it’s helpful to you https://www.quora.com/What-does-it-take-to-be-a-Google-developer-expert. Also I got lucky last year to get USA visa and got to attend Google IO 2016, yeah finally!

yeah, finally dream comes true of attending the greatest developers conference!

To conclude, I have learnt:

  • Community management (Organising events, listening participants & giving values back to them)
  • Stay passionate about what you do and what you love to do
  • Leadership
  • Team management

2. Romin Irani

Romin Irani, he is one of the youngest developers in my touch, he has been exploring the horizon of software industry since 20+ years (if I remember it exactly!), and a firm belief that the software industry can change the world for the better. He loves working with current and future developers, and helping them succeed.

He also knows the Google Cloud Platform inside-out, and regularly writes about it and introduces the technology to other engineers. Romin is a strong believer that as many kids as possible should get the chance to learn about coding and give it a try.

Currently he is a Google Developers Expert, Cloud.

I used to talk with him almost everyday and so I would say my day never ends without a chat with him.

What I have learnt from him:

  • Sharing knowledge (by writing blogs, by delivering super solid talks having complete details, steps, examples, links/references, etc.)
  • Helping developers to help them in succeeding
  • Stay focused and stay silent even though you achieve a big milestone!
  • Be first in learning and exploring :)

3. Abhishek Desai

Abhishek Desai, is a co-founder of Digicorp, a software consultancy and startup studio based in Ahmedabad, India.

Yes Digicorp is the company from where I begin my professional career as an Android developer back in 2010. I spent 3 and half years with Digicorp family and there by closely worked with and under Abhishek.

I was the first android developer in Digicorp and we published very first android app on play store in 2010 and that was a great momentum in my professional career as it has given me a chance to start with android, working on android apps and publishing solutions over play store.

Also, you might know I am holder of >80,000 reputation points over Stackoverflow and this is because of his constant push doing something extra than development.

What I have learnt from him and What I started doing under his guidance:

  • TechnoTalkative.com — A blog where I have published more than 150 articles on Android so far! To be frank, I was lacking with English writing and communication skills and he suggested me to start with writing and practicing english skills. Since then I have never looked back in working upon and improving English skills, which you can observe and notice it by this blog itself :)
  • Stackoverflow.com — created profile after his constant push to our team. I am proud to say that I am one of the top contributors from India, and also top 10th highest contributor and reputation holder for Android tag.
  • Do something extra than development!
  • Teach is to learn twice :) this is actually one of the policy points of Digicorp. Following this means you should share your learning with others, which would help you in learning and exploring lot many new things, getting in touch with experts and knowing their inputs on the same shared things!

Wrapping up

I can on writing about things I have learnt but this is just a summary post. Take away from this post is:

  • You should have mentors/Gurus
  • Follow them and their steps, at least you will learn something even though by copy/pasting their steps in your career :) If not copy/pasted things but new things/initiatives then more than awesome!
  • Listen them
  • Take their reviews and feedback on your initiatives/projects
  • Share your yearly learning statistics with them, I am sure they would not say no in doing so, rather they would be actually happy to hear and mentor you by pushing you for next set of things in your career.
  • Stay focused and passionate about what you love to do
  • Last but not least, always do something extra than your actual job (for me, actual job is Android Technical Lead, but extra things are as mentioned above)

These 3 are my Gurus/mentors, who are yours? Look forward to see. Let’s nominate them and appreciate their efforts!

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