India; Beautiful Mess

They say stars can’t shine without darkness, they also say that without chaos there is no order. I arrived to New Delhi, March 20, I really didn’t know what to expect, but here is where I realized that India is just a Beautiful Mess. There are cows, monkeys, traffic, noise, dogs, cats, goats, pigs and people everywhere but everything is just beautiful.

Delhi is without a doubt one of the most amazing cities I have ever experienced. Its full with life and joy. In my opinion it contains the perfect balance between East and West. There are so many great places to visit, tombs, museums, architectural jewels, gardens among many things. Everything is just amazing, the food, the markets, the people, it’s a great city that honors the whole country. But there are many more things to see.

After Delhi I decided to take a train to Varanasi, to see the Ganges River, The Holy River.

Varanasi is where they perform the incineration of the deceased at open air right by the Ganges, being able to be so close to the whole process makes us realize impermanence and hope that we meditate on this and turn us into better human beings and to appreciate this precious human life.

Varanasi is beautiful, so many things to see, watching a sunrise or sunset at the Ganges has to be one of the most beautiful things I have experienced. Taking a boat into the Holy River, watching the Fire Puja every night make this place so interesting. But this was just the beginning.

From Varanasi I went Sarnath, where I met H.H The 17th Karmapa and had the blessed chance to see him. One of the most amazing human beings I have ever met.

“Discover which actions truly produce happiness and which result in suffering. Using discernment, take up what brings benefit and discard what causes harm. Live accordingly and you will be on the right path.” 17th Karmapa

From there I took a train to visit the one and only Taj Mahal in Agra, one of the most incredible love tributes ever built. The place is just completely astonishing, the architecture is beyond description. I recommend to spend most of the day there and really enjoy the place, normally we humans are always living in the next moment that we do not enjoy the present one, so just stop, breathe a couple of times and enjoy what you’re experiencing.

Then I went to Jaipur, known as the Pink City, where I saw this Fort, like nothing I have ever seen before (except for movies). It is on top of the mountains and you can go up to the fort in an elephant ride which makes the experience even more unbelievable

After seeing the recommended sights, I took another train to Jaisalmer, “The Golden City”.

Jaisalmer is in the desert, it also has a fort where you can actually still see so many people living inside the fort, so many guest houses, restaurants and shops.

In Jaisalmer I took a Camel Ride into Kuri Thar Desert which was one of my favorite things of my trip, I had the luck to meet such amazing people from South Africa, Germany, France and Belgium and after watching the sunset in the desert dunes where the sand feels like powder and the peace is beyond description, we decided to spend the night at the desert, open air, just covered by the stars, meditating on emptiness. The desert is where you realize the beauty of solitude.

After Jaisalmer I took another train ride to Jodhpur, also known as the Blue City. Are you wondering why? Here is an image.

Most of the houses look like that and it looks beautiful. Also, in the top of a mountain there is a fort, older than the city itself.

Another train later I then arrived to Pushkar, one of my favorite places, it is so small and peaceful in comparison to the rest of the cities that I visited. And when I arrived here I needed some peace and quiet.

Pushkar has the Holy Lake and The Brahma Temple, it is a very small town in comparison to the rest of the other places. Most westerners here decide to stay and live the hippie happy life, living with not much, but a smile, barefoot, living one day at the time, tired of the material life and the material people, tired of an empty and fake meaningless life, they decide to stay here, play music, paint, laugh, live and love.

After Pushkar I had few days left in India, so as much as I wanted to stay here, I continued to travel and decided to go to Udaipur, The City of Lakes, which right away became one of my favorite cities in India. Its so clean, so beautiful and surrounded by water. Food is delicious and like in most places its cheap.

Udaipur is a place to sit and relax by the lake, visit the city palace, take a boat ride and be thankful for being so alive.

After three weeks traveling, today I am back in my favorite city of all, Delhi. I had the most delicious Indian Breakfast, took a small walk by Karol Bagh where you can find absolutely anything and as soon as I finish writing this, I will start packing my bags for a new adventure.

Thailand I am ready for you.