11/04/ 2016

I flew from New Delhi to Bangkok, I arrived and hopped on the metro towards Silom street. I didn’t know they where celebrating “Songkram” which is Thailand’s New Year and they celebrate for at least three days in the most awesome way you can possibly imagine, water gun fights!!

So basically you cannot walk without getting “attacked” by people from different countries united in teams to have a great time and celebrate with the people from Thailand which are amazing and fun. Everybody is selling water guns on the street and its all about having a good time, meeting all this new people and celebrating with the locals in a really great and original way, plus its really hot so its a very refreshing way to spend the day, too bad they waste so much water.

Bangkok is a big city with all the possible ways of transportation, land, water and air, its so easy to move around, food on the street is clean, cheap and delicious. In the middle of the city you can find all these beautiful Buddhist Temples that make you feel in the land of the Buddhas, they make you feel in Heaven with their gigantic golden statues and their colorful mirrors.

From Bangkok I went North in a night bus towards Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is a beautiful city full of temples and tourists. There I decided to go for a day to the Elephant Day Care, where you basically take care of elephants. You have to find a place where they really take care of them and not just use them for money.

After Chiang Mai I took another bus to Chiang Rai, which is only three hours away on the border with Myanmar. It is a pretty small city, where you can move around in scooters, but I don’t recommend it unless you are really a good driver. The main attraction here is the White Temple, which is an amazing display of Thai Architecture and one of the most amazing temples I have ever seen, if there is a heaven I imagine it must look like this. You can find inside the temple painted on the walls pictures of Harry Potter, Batman, Superman, Michael Jackson and many more.

From Chiang Rai I took a boat for two days and one night in the Mekong River to cross to Laos, the boat experience was amazing, inside a boat full of young tourists from different countries, singing, drinking, laughing and reading. So its time to experience the peaceful country of Laos with its French influence.