The Journey Continues (Kathmandu)

So, if you are one of those looking for a spiritual journey, this is the perfect place. We have to remember that everything is inside of us, but there is nothing wrong with looking for some help from the outside to attain what is called “moksha” or liberation. Liberation from ignorance.

If you are one of those who thinks that just coming here a Guru will suddenly find you, walking in the forest like a movie or a book, then stop reading this right now, cause that only happens if you have an impeccable karma, which I doubt it. So the basic journey here is mostly experiencing yourself, learning about yourself and its better if you already do some spiritual practice (meditation, mantras, yoga) and knowing what interests you the most, what your soul is telling you.

Like I said before, everything about this place is sacred, even the cows. There are beautiful temples everywhere and Hinduism and Buddhism are mixed which makes it more beautiful and more interesting. The people will always smile and say “Namasté” its impossible not to smile in this place.

Visiting Tibetan temples and watching the difference from the Hindu temples makes you feel as if you were in two countries at the same time. Observing how people dress, talk, eat and even look gives this place so much beauty it makes you want to move here.

This place is just magical, practicing meditation, leaving bad toxic places, people and habits just becomes easier the moment you step out of the plane. I recommend doing this trip alone, connecting with yourself and specially working on yourself! There are great monks that will give you free Dharma talks or meditation. There are also great cheap restaurants and guest houses also.

Life is about becoming better day by day, we all feel we are here for other purposes than just work, earn money, buy useless stuff, eat, sleep and party… We know there is something inside of us, every religion calls it by a different name, Atman, Kingdom of God, Buddha-hood. It doesn’t matter what you call it, what matters is that you feel it.

So if you’re thinking about traveling within, this place is perfect, I know its one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. And yes, it is noisy, dirty and the earthquake damaged it pretty bad, but its all about working on that too. There can’t be any rainbows without some rain. Namasté.

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