The #1 Happiness Hack

Do you ever feel unhappy but don’t know why?

Shifting Goalposts: The Happiness Killer

The pleasure we get from achievement is fleeting. Studies show that a year after winning the lottery, winners are not happier than before. This paradox applies to promotions, achievements and large purchases.

The Curse Of Man

We can’t escape this paradox. The things we achieve don’t make us happier, even though we want them. How can we be happy if the things we want don’t give us lasting happiness?

This paradox appears like a curse or like a cruel joke in our programming.

Why Do We Need A Hack?

Ten-thousand years ago, we would compare our achievements in the context of a small tribe. One could feel pride as the best berry picker, hut builder or cave painter. The tribe was our world.

Our tribe is much bigger now. Our points of comparison are limitless. Media has a bias of showing successful, intelligent, and beautiful people. In contrast, what we have appears unworthy. That feeling crushes us.

The Hack

Thankfully, there is a hack to overcome unhappiness. There is a trick to reprogram the mind. This hack does wonders for those diligent enough to apply it. It requires a consistent, daily effort. This hack re-frames our existence, accomplishments, and relationships and makes them meaningful. This hack diminishes the need for outward validation, and instead, makes us look inward.

The best thing about this hack is that you can start reprogramming your mind today. Yes, after you finish reading this, you can open up a word file, and start coding.

The hack is gratefulness.

Next Steps:

  1. Open a word document and Save As “Journal”
  2. Write down three things/moments you were grateful for today
  3. Repeat this, every day — for the rest of your life