I’ve started officially managing a team at Booking.com since the February of last year. Since that time, I’ve started reading a lot of books to learn all the skills that I’m lacking. Recently, I started thinking of reviewing books that I read and my management journey in my blog, and here is the first post in that direction.

Today, I was reading Lara Hogan’s Resilient Management, which was mentioned several times on the Internet recently. Here is my review of it, and what personally stuck with me.

The Good

First of all, I should say that the book is really friendly in…

I recently read the book called Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression — and the Unexpected Solution, and I realized something alarming: if you have a perfect life, being an expat automatically leads to a few causes of depression laid out in this book. In this article, I try to demonstrate this through the story of how I moved to the Netherlands in September of 2016, my unhappiness, and the solution I started to pursue.

The points I’m trying to raise are two things. First, if you think your depression is purely biological, maybe it is, maybe it’s…

Don’t dread death or pain; dread the fear of death or pain.

We cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose how we respond to them.

– Epictetus: The Art of Living

Initially, when my posts started getting popular on Reddit and Hacker News, I saw a few comments that surprised me.

A lot of people were telling me, through both the comments and the contact form, about their fear of going blind. Some feared not being able to program anymore. Some feared losing their dignity. Some feared it simply because of the fact that it’s unknown. …

When I posted the Autobiography of a Blind Programmer, I received a lot of requests asking about the way I use the computer, how I write code, and how I understand abstract concepts.

Last week, I originally started out writing this post. However, I found my writing getting sidetracked all the time. I would point out things from my past that were not about the tools at all. I gave my personal preference, and then went on to explain how this preference was formed. So, why am I telling you this?

This is to encourage you to take a look…

Parham Doustdar

Completely blind expat developer working at Booking.com in the Netherlands. Originally from Iran.

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