UX Expert Review of WhatsApp: Old Yahoo Messenger was better than the latest version of WhatsApp!

Parhum Khoshbakht
Jun 11, 2018 · 4 min read

Two months ago, my country(Iran) blocked Telegram, the most popular messaging app in the country, the service used by 40 million Iranians.

When I switched to WhatsApp, this big question draws in my mind:

Why WhatsApp is a popular messenger in the world?

5 Reasons that I hate WhatsApp:

Why keep my phone connected?

1. Keep your phone connected

The first thing that makes me unhappy was that it forced me to keep my phone connected while I using Desktop version. Telegram on all devices just need your phone number to send a login code but does not need your phone connected while using other devices version!

My mom doesn’t have a smartphone but she is using an iPad(tablets without SIM card)to check Telegram, Instagram, and web surfing. The way that WhatsApp activates accounts on other devices didn’t let my mom to switch from Telegram to WhatsApp.

Do you think after tapping on Done button, witch action is primary action? Next or Restore Chat?

2. It deleted my chats history!!!

I bought a new mobile and installed the WhatsApp, then I realized that all my messages have been erased! It was unbelievable for me! How it comes?!

After asking my friends, I found out that during the installation process there is a question about restoring your chat history and I unconsciously clicked on skip button.

As a UX Designer, I wondered why to put default action to “delete chats” history or why delete history generally?! Anybody can delete chats history and account in settings and humans don’t need to delete chats suddenly!

3. Use WhatsApp on two devices at the same time

After the tragedy of deleting my chats in the new phone, I quickly open WhatsApp on my old phone to find some important file in chats history that WhatsApp’s technology surprised me again by deleting chats history on all devices instantly!

I need to use the same messenger with the same account in two phone and I can’t login again with the same account on WhatsApp at the same time.

4. Usability Issues

After all functionality issues, find lots of usability issues and hard to use designs. You have to try Telegram App to understand what I talk about when talking about bad experience design in WhatsApp.

There are two icons for adding photos and after start writing one of the icons hidden!

In Telegram, there’s one icon and always visible to use it. This isn’t important things but adding multiple photos in WhatsApp is really hard:

You need discovering 4 hard steps to send only two photos. Now look at Telegram experience:

Only one attachment icon to send photos or any type of files and for the first time, you tap on attach files that completely understand how to send multiple photos or any work you want to do.

This is only one of terrible design I experienced with WhatsApp, lots of usability issues can find in this service such as deleted one message or direction in map and etc.

5. Useful Features

Finally, there’re useful features in Telegram that I can’t find in WhatsApp, such as:

  • Edit Messages: In Telegram, you can Edit Message after posting and delivered and don’t need to delete it for editing a message.
  • Saved Messages: Draft something for yourself not star messages feature.
  • Channel: Likes group but only admins can post messages and other only subscribe and see messages not posting new messages. This feature of Telegram make lots of online business in Iran.
  • Compress Media: Telegram compress videos and photos without loose quality and absolutely you can send files in uncompressed format.
  • Bots: There are lots, of useful and creative bots in Telegram to increase abilities of it.
  • Entertainment: In Telegram can find lots of interesting Stickers, Photo Filters, Put stickers on photos and etc.

I suggest trying Telegram with no ads and all features you need expect video call that maybe they adding in future. It’s really easy-to-use and cleverly designed.

Parhum Khoshbakht

Written by

Head of Product Development at SabaIdea.com, Aparat.com, Filimo.com | Persian UX Articles: https://virgool.io/@parhumm and http://parhum.net

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