What’s Roadmap?

Parhum Khoshbakht
Jun 5, 2018 · 2 min read

It’s plan for what we build over the next few months.

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Roadmap Timeframes

  • Next 4 – 6 weeks with clear release
  • The following few months are planned, with high level project briefs describing the problem and opportunity.
  • Beyond a few months out is speculative, loose ideas that align with our mission.

Roadmap Stories Sources

Write stories in roadmap not tasks.

1. Things we believe in!

2. Qualitative Feedbacks

3. Quantitative Data

1. Things we believe in!

  • Our opinion rather than our research
  • Opinion of our product leadership team
  • This include trends and ideas we have

2. Qualitative Feedbacks

  • Solicited Feedbacks from customers:
    Studies by our research team
    - PM talks to customers
  • Unsolicited Feedbacks
    CRM tagged conversations
    - Every week reviewed by PM and added to their list
  • Marketing & Sales Feedback
    Roadmap is reviewed monthly by sales and product leadership.

3. Quantitative Data

  • Measuring performance of our current product
  • The success metrics defined in every project
  • Product and team level success metrics

Roadmap Tips

A lightweight, transparent, comprehensive roadmap.

We produce the most value for our customers with the fastest thing we can build.

The main thing to understand here is that teams set weekly goals and are held accountable to them.


Adams, P. (2018, June 03). Lessons learned from scaling a product team. https://blog.intercom.com/how-we-build-software/

Parhum Khoshbakht

Written by

Head of Product Development at SabaIdea.com, Aparat.com, Filimo.com | Persian UX Articles: https://virgool.io/@parhumm and http://parhum.net

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