Come at me, 2016.

It’s my 20th year here on planet Earth and the sad thing is I still don’t know what to do with my life. I’m still in the verge of finding and knowing myself like what am I capable for, what are my hidden talents and where these talents, hidden or unhidden, will get me in the future. I have a lot of plans for my family.. for me.. for the future me.. but I can’t seem to know where to start. The funny thing about that is I’m prepared.. but there’s nothing to be prepared for. I’m graduating on May with a course that is as unspecific as me, Bachelor of Arts in Communication and yet the only goal I want to achieve is to give my family’s needs and travel but I don’t know where to start.

It has been 4 days since January started and all I want is to vent out these thoughts that keep on clouding my mind. Is this the stage where in I start to become to be an adult? What does it really take to become an adult? At this point one lists down his or her goals for the year and here I am, staring at my laptop, ranting about how to be an adult and how to find myself because in a few months, I will be out in the real world battling out the real world.

Aside from questioning myself, I also told myself that 2016 will be my year and no one can stop me. Not even myself. I am in the point of my life wherein growing doesn’t stop and all I have to do is to go with the flow and actually do something about it. I was told that everyday, an opportunity knocks on one’s door and it is up to him or her whether he or she will open the door and say yes to that opportunity. The scary thing about that is, how do I know if it is the opportunity I should get? Public Relations class have already taught me a lot even though my professor only met us for 2 or 3 times. (I don’t even know ho many. Ugh.) She would always say, learn when to say no but always say yes. Confusing, yes. But she has a point. Opportunities are made as a test of character, well for me it is.. One knows him or herself if he or she knows the right from wrong which points out to him or her being mature and being an adult.

Maybe what I’m scared about being an adult is leaving all the silliness behind and face the reality that life is unfair but it is still up to me how to make the unfairness less painful and make me appreciate the unfairness of life even more. Maybe being an adult isn’t so bad. Maybe it is. I don’t know, it’s for me to know and for me to find out. And for you, blog, reader, or whatever to find out with me, too.

So again, Come at me, 2016! I am ready. I am open. I am me.

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