6 tips on how to make fewer decisions and more effectively

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In design, we try to create a flow with the least cognitive demand form the user. We have it in mind that people would use the product we design to get a job done and the smoother and more intuitive the product behaves, the better.

However, somebody has to make all the decisions behind those smooth pathways and that’s us: The product designers.

I don’t intend to explain here in detail what the decision fatigue is. I assume you are already familiar with the concept. To give a concise summary of the term would be: The more an individual is…

7 tips to avoid MVP illusion.

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MVP or MLP (minimal loveable product ), dead or alive, still makes sense. What does not make sense is all the wrong ideas product managers, stakeholders and lots of people in product teams have on MVP. It has become a good excuse to rush with a product to show something ( anything ) to the product owner/stakeholder. It seems to have become a polished anti-patience remedy for corporates. … and a bad start can sometimes be fatal!

So here are 7 attributes that should NOT be related to MVP mistakenly:

1. MVP is not the first step to take.

Businesses start talking about MVP way too early once coming…

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Patterns to look for once creating UX persona

What is the logic behind going through the painstaking process of creating personas? Persona is a good reference to answer any “why” anyone in the team would ask about your design decisions. It is even better to identify the potential spectrums, the essence of personas and their presumed behavioral variables with the whole team at the very beginning stage of the UX process.

In my previous article, I wrote about the business aspect of UX decisions and how it can help talk to the stakeholder once delineating your design.

OR: How to find the sweet spot better!

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As a product designer, what is really the first step to take once a new product idea is introduced to you: I say it is to make sure you are clear about the proposed product goals and definition, as well as the business model the product would use. Here’s why:

The product idea is there to solve a problem in the first place and It is crystal clear that you should know what that problem is you are going to solve with your design.

You start observing the users .i.e. the core…

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Product designer @Seznam.cz. , I believe: Anything visually sophisticated and functionally designed charms!

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