Reminiscing About Being a Teenager

“ For a psychiatrist to understand a teenager’s mind is like a physician trying to find cure for common cold. The simplicity itself poses complications. ”

The teenage is the most fascinating, exciting and a dangerous phase in a person’s life. It is pliant and yielding as clay. Grotesque or beauty lies in the hands and the mind of the person moulding it. For a psychiatrist to understand a teenager’s mind is like a physician trying to find a cure for common cold. The simplicity itself poses complications. Being in teens means being carefree, exploring new things, taking the baby steps towards being independent and getting to know one self better. It is a difficult phase and the hormonal rush and the mood swings doesn't really help in coping up with peer pressure and expectations from various walks of life.

However, it is the right age to make mistakes and learn from it. Innocence combined with lack of maturity does make us do stupid things but we learn from those mistakes soon enough. The retrospect of the mistakes after many years will only lead to a laugh riot, a thank you to the parents and role models who made sure we were back on the right track after, otherwise life wrecking mistakes or a tear or two for people whom we miss in life. It is the memories that count the most. The complicated simplicity and the idiocy of it make it all the more cherishable. It is like having a spur to spank you when you tend to repeat mistakes committed in the distant past. Though most of them intentionally try to wipe out the memories of that phase, it is prudent to let them be, at least somewhere at the back of our minds. 

Being in the teens was a different experience all together. New friends, extra pocket money, street food, those innocent crushes, phone calls, e-mails, not to mention the gossip which never seemed to end and the cat fights for reasons which make me laugh out loud even today. It is a phase where friendships last forever. You make Samaritan friends who’ll be there for you at obnoxious hours. People grow old and are bestowed with more responsibility and you do get acquainted with various people but it is difficult to find a friend in them at a later stage in life.

Being in college and surrounded by teens, listening to their conversations all around me day in and day out, being a witness to their dilemma in life is a pang of Déjà vu. As homosapians, we always tend to think that the grass is greener on the other side. In reality almost everyone does sail in the same boat, but only the tides are different. I see people leading a similar nature of life as I did once upon a time and it instantly brings a smile on my face knowing that soon they’ll be in a position to realize what is right from wrong. It makes me feel normal and gives me a reassurance that the teenage phase that sailed by did the way it was supposed to! There are nonetheless times at which I feel a need to relive that phase again and amend somethings which did go haywire during that time. But the word history has been coined for a reason.

So all one can do is grab a cup of coffee, play some retro music in the background, look around, share stories about high school with your current friends and reminisce about being a teenager!!!

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