Interview with Will Hemond: Co-founder of Delphus

Parima Sharma
Sep 14, 2018 · 3 min read

Recently, I had a great conversation with Will Hemond! Will is a junior in high school from the Acton Boxborough district in the city of Acton, Massachusetts. He is a co-founder for his venture Delphus, and is really passionate about promoting entrepreneurship among students. Let’s find out more about what he’s doing.

1. Tell me about your venture?

Will talked about how his founder’s sister encountered a problem of finding sources in the scientific research field because of paywalls. It was hard to get data and information on research topics. He mentioned an example of how professionals working in the drug development field might avoid putting excess information online for clinical trials. He said that there was a large group of scientific and medical researchers, who were looking for easier access to information. Will himself became passionate about solving this problem from learning about the concepts of blockchain. In MA hacks, which is a hackathon for high school students where they are given 12 hours to develop a product, Delphus was born. Will and his team developed a solution, Delphus, for this problem of finding sources for any researchers in the science field. Participants and users of Delphus would be given strict access to research information online. His team won first place, and received opportunities to speak at MIT expo and Babston University at their entrepreneurial week!

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Picture of the Delphus wesbsite home page

2. How did you get interested in Sponsr.Us?

Will became interested in Sponsr.Us upon recommendation from a friend. He realized that many of the goals that Sponsr.Us fought for, matched his beliefs. For example, he very much agrees with the idea of student entrepreneurs trying to solve a problem in their communities that they are passionate about. He hoped that his story would inspire the peers around him to take action and initiative. He wants to empower students and support their ideas. Will also hopes that working with Sponsr.Us will help Delphus gain a larger presence allowing more people to learn about the company.

3. What is your advice to other student entrepreneurs?

Will’s number one advice to other student entrepreneurs is to have personal confidence. He feels that if you believe in yourself and you think you can do better, then that mind set will truly push you to do better and be successful. He also believes that students should not be easily discouraged by their ideas when they do not work. Instead students should learn from those failures and use their persistence to turn their idea into a success.

4. Talk about success/failures with your business model

Will definitely agrees that he had success at major competitions and with being able to speak at major events. However, getting to that point required reaching out to a lot of people, who did not always respond. His team had to work very hard to work around that, and he hopes that people will view him more seriously.

5. Do you use social media to promote your message? If so, how?

Will and his colleagues currently use Discord, which is a chatting function to publicize and promote Delphus. Some attention has also been brought to Delphus on Reddit. They hope that social media will allow them to target their audience which is the entire clinical system market and any type of researcher.

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About Sponsr.Us: We’re a student-run 501(c)(3) non-profit empowering youth with the skills and mindsets to realize their ideas. Our organization helps students raise funds for their initiatives and runs a variety of free events for students to learn about leadership and entrepreneurship.

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