20 little habits that will help you live a better life
John Fawkes

This article is interesting because there are many behavior that change our life. The article will help you to have better both mental health and physical health. For me the best habit that I agree and appriciate is “Every evening, make your to-do list for the next day- then forget about it. It’s hard to enjoy your evening when you’re thinking about the next day. It’s also hard to be productive when you don’t have your day planned out. Solve both of those problems by putting together a to-do list, then setting it aside until the next day and allowing yourself to enjoy your evening.” It is true that every evening, we think about the next they and complain the world about our duty or work. Then, the eveing of the day will be horrible. However, evening should be our relax time. The to-do list will help us to know what we have to do next they and prepare ourself for it. I hope my evening will better.

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