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Designing an integrated solution for couples undergoing fertility treatment

Spring of 2018, I worked on the PRE-LIFE project at Meaningful Interactions Lab (mintlab), which is a research group at KU Leuven, Belgium that is affiliated with imec. MintLab is a multi-disciplinary group that strives to perform excellent Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research by working at the intersection of interaction design, media, and the Humanities.

The aim of the PRE-LIFE project is to develop a pre-conceptional lifestyle intervention for couples undergoing fertility treatment. The app will support them with respect to mental wellbeing, physical activity and diet to increase success rates in fertility treatment.

The app will also act as a medium of interaction between the couple during the fertility treatment cycle, allowing them to share their moods and emotions with each other and collaborate together on planning their treatment. …


Parinishtha Yadav

UX Designer @Microsoft designing intelligent experiences. Architecture graduate from IIT Roorkee. Dabbles in art, lives with two kittens.

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