“ Happily Ever After"

It was a beautiful day with beautiful people around me. White lilacs, pink tulips, plush white linen, flower girls, ring boys and bridesmaids complimented the day. As I waited anxiously for the bride and groom to walk the aisle, I couldn’t help myself from thinking about 'Marriage’.

Marriage, It’s a beautiful thing, how two individuals embark on this journey of love, trust, commitment and faith. They enter into this realm called ‘Marriage’ with a leap of faith that they can make it together till the end.

As they follow their elaborate rituals and take their vows, they just have that faith that whatever comes in future, they will be having a “happily ever after”, so that the term “till death do us part” becomes a reality.

Once the festivities get over and everything settles down, they will have to catch on their breath and pass through the different phases of a marriage and hopefully make it to the finishing line. This journey will definitely include intermissions of happiness, joy, new discoveries, petty fights and making up.

But what happens when they give up before reaching the finishing line? When a marriage doesn’t work, it leaves behind a debris of broken relationships, unexpressed emotions, pent-up anger and stranded souls. It sucks in family members, children and friends into this mess like a tornado. Of course, we can never have enough justified reasons for calling off a marriage, it completely depends on the individuals involved and the brewing circumstances.

So, is “Happily Ever After” just a myth for the urban society or do we give up on the core values of Marriage? What about the vows and rituals? I thought they come with a lifetime validity. Or maybe they are just complimentary gestures of a marriage.

I think, it would be completely wrong to believe that marriage is the final seal that guarantee the longevity of a relationship. If it was, then there wouldn’t be any scenarios of abuse, infidelity or divorces. Well, marriage can be called a gesture to show the society that these two individuals are ready to take their relationship a notch higher. It cannot be taken as a fool proof plan to secure your relationship.

It’s important to know that Marriage in itself is not enough to hold two people together until they work to make it better. Marriages fall apart because people forget to work on their relationship everyday and every moment of their lives. Theyat take it for granted and start losing the core values that enlighten it’s aura. Maybe, we can sneak in a few minutes from our busy lives to actually think about making this journey beautiful. The love, care and affection should not be left stagnant, they need to be revoked time and again so that they keep working their charm into the relationship.

Now, as I see my friend walking down the aisle in that gorgeous white dress, I just wish her good luck and lots of happiness. I’m pretty optimistic that they will make their journey something to be cherished for and treasured forever.