The Importance of a Skin Care Specialist

Dr Ashima Goel
Aug 28 · 3 min read

Skin is the most sensitive part of the body. Being the most delicate part of the body, one must devote more attention towards its care. Pampering and proper care of the skin are very much required as it reflects one’s personality and overall appearance. The skin has to face a lot of challenges on an everyday basis like sun exposure, dust, pollution, humidity and so on. So proper care of the skin must be taken to keep it healthy and radiant. If someone is dealing with skin problems, then it is necessary to consult a skin specialist. Since the skin is a sensitive body part, no experiments are suggested when it comes to skincare.

Dr. Ashima Goel (MD Dermatovenereology, MBBS) is a well-known skin specialist in Chandigarh who provides with the best consultation and treatments for all kinds of skin concerns. It is important to consult a skin specialist to maintain skin health and appearance, as changing season, increasing age, and pollution can cause lead to serious skin issues.

The importance of a skincare specialist is very much essential because:

  • Skin problems like acne are persistent and often cause acne scarring. It is observed that the majority of the population around the world is affected by acne. Many people try to get rid of acne on their own and try many home remedies, which even makes the condition worse. Instead of experimenting with home remedies, a skincare specialist must be consulted. This will help in two ways — one that the acne will be controlled and two that the chances of acne scarring will be lesser.
  • People whose skin is itchy for more than a week must see a skincare specialist. Itching even on a small part of the skin can cause major discomfort and affect a person’s life. Timely help from a skin doctor can save the skin from any severe consequences.
  • Even before undergoing any cosmetic treatments like laser hair removal, one must visit a skincare specialist to determine if the treatment is effective and ideal for their skin type. Nowadays, a lot of salons are also providing these treatments but unfortunately many of them don’t have the right knowledge or expertise in the procedures like a dermatologist does.
  • Skin spots or pigmentation has become very common skin issue. Though it does not affect an individual’s health but patchy skin usually makes them conscious about their looks. Here again, consulting a dermatologist is crucial since one may further aggravate the pigmentation problem by applying non-scientific methods or home remedies. A skin doctor will always thoroughly examine the skin before prescribing any medication or treatments. They know your skin well and recommend only the most suitable options.
  • It is generally observed that everyone adores the young smooth, shiny, and flawless skin. To achieve healthy skin, certain treatments are available, which must be availed with the help of a skincare specialist, as they guide better to achieve the benefits of anti-aging treatments.

As Dr. Ashima Goel, one of the best dermatologists in Chandigarh, says — understanding the skin problem is more important than finding the solution. As many a times skin problems appear as a consequence of an underlying health issue. Identifying the root cause of a skin problem helps in finding the right and long-lasting solution.

Skincare specialists can also provide a daily skincare routine, based on the skin analysis and accordingly recommend the skincare products. A good skincare regimen can prevent so many skin problems.

Consult the best skin doctor in Chandigarh, Dr. Ashima Goel, to maintain healthy and glowing skin. For any queries, contact at +91 9417169888, +91 9780981403, or mail at

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Parisa Skin Cosmetic and Laser Center is a one-stop destination for all skin, hair and nail treatments for all age groups from infancy to geriatrics.

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