The NBA’s Newest Renaissance Man

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If you’re an NBA fan you probably heard the recent rumblings of Derek Fisher potentially making a comeback to the court. Before watching the video, you might have guessed a return to coaching but due to his Instagram post Tuesday night, he seems to be hinting at a comeback as a player posting the hashtags “#inthelab” and “#imnotdoneyet”.

This obviously sparked conversation around the sports world followed by a less aggressive response from Fisher the next day on Twitter.

Due to his tweets it seems as if Fisher himself isn’t sure whether he prefers to play, coach or analyze the game. This brings up the question, “What should he do?”.

The 41-year five-time champion appears to still have the fundamentals and endurance to play at a high level but lacks the speed and quickness to truly compete with the guard driven state of the league. That being said, his experience and know-how (NBA record 259 playoff games played) would certainly allow him to contribute for a team. What teams would be interested is apparently still yet to be answered according to his tweets.

Personally, if this were to actually happen, I could see him on a team like the Clippers. A savvy starting point guard in Chris Paul with an experienced coached in Doc Rivers. This would allow Fisher to insert his knowledge without having to play too much of a taxing role for the team. But, who knows… Maybe he wants to prove how much he has left in the tank, plus he can knock down a heave with 0.4 seconds left on the clock if you need it.

A return to coaching would probably be ideal given the fact he was fired before his contract in New York had even expired last season. Recording an unflattering 40–96 record in a season and a half, some convincing would need to take place in order for a hire but there are several teams around the league that would certainly take a flyer on Fisher. Phil Jackson may have pulled the plug too early on his former starting point guard to actually turn the Knicks franchise around. 150 games aren’t enough time for anyone to improve a non-playoff team. Especially a rookie head coach. Some believe his drama with Matt Barnes may have sped up the firing process.

The last and most recent job opening Fisher has taken advantage of is behind the booth as an analyst for Turner Sports(TNT). He was called in for a few of the more anticipated games later in the season including the Spurs-Warriors on April 7th. The articulate Fisher showed he could hold his own providing a fresh take on different teams and a rare perspective considering he was coaching just a month prior. I wouldn’t mind hearing what he had to say before and after games and throwing him into the banter with Shaq and Charles would make for entertaining television as well.

Derek Fisher is at a crossroad in his career right now and whatever he decides to do, (play, coach or analyze) he is definitely well qualified for any of them.

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