On Feeling Weird About Tesla
Hank Green

An interesting dilemma, though admittedly I was expecting to read something else. I also feel weird about Tesla, but not for the same reason.

We’re fed this idea that if everyone switches from vehicles powered by fossil fuels to those powered from the grid (which is still very dirty in many parts of the US) that it will be good for the environment, a green choice, but is that really true?

Tesla’s vehicles are beautiful, and while I’m sure they’re better than fossil fuel vehicles, they still share a similar problem: it takes a lot of resources for everyone to have a personal vehicle.

I can’t see the need for personal vehicles coming to an end in the near future, particularly in small towns like the one you live in, but I find all the excitement over EVs to be misplaced. As you noted, they’re a luxury, which is probably why much of the excitement over Tesla is among the upper middle-class and in the tech sector, not so much among the poor and struggling parts of the middle.

If we’re looking for a true “green” alternative to vehicles running on fossil fuels, I’m not convinced that’s a vehicle powered by electricity. Sure, it’s sexy, but I think the real focus should be on high-quality, affordable public transit. Not only is that something that everyone can easily access and benefit from, but it’s much more environmentally-friendly in the long-term.