Kicking Big Tech

Is it possible? And it is worth the hassle?

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Apple and Google are the two of the GAFAM that I’m most tied into, and Google is the one I’m most willing to try to reduce my dependence on. Personally, I’m angry about what their sister company, Sidewalk Labs, is doing in Toronto, which has made me more driven to stop making it so easy for the tech giant to get my data.


Apple is the company I’m most dependent on. I have a MacBook Pro, an iPhone, and an iPad for university that I rarely use. All of my data is backed up in Cloud, I use plenty of their apps: Books, Calendar, Health, iMessage, Notes, Numbers, Pages, Safari, and some other default ones.


This one’s easier. My Facebook account is deactivated, though I should probably fully delete it. Sometimes I wonder if I should still maintain a Facebook Page, but I’m not too worried about that. I also don’t use Messenger.


Another easy one. I don’t really use Amazon, nor do I have any Alexa devices. I have a Prime Student account, but I regretted it the moment I signed up because I knew I wouldn’t get the benefits. I haven’t cancelled it, but I won’t be renewing. Over the past year, I’ve only made one or two orders, and I find the Prime Video selection is pretty bad (at least in Canada).


I don’t own any Microsoft products that I can think of, but I use Outlook and Office for university, and for the moment they’re unavoidable. I don’t have Windows on my Mac, nor do I have an Xbox, but I have LinkedIn and Skype accounts.

The other players

I don’t use Uber or Lyft, but I am a Twitter addict. I have a Samsung television, but I don’t think it does voice commands. I also have Netflix and Spotify, and while I don’t have a Playstation, I’ve considered getting one.

Critic of tech futures and host of Tech Won’t Save Us:

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