I am quite familiar with world systems theory, and do find it quite a convenient tool to understand…
Alyssa Edling

Which I guess to me just paints the American, white middle class as far more blameless as we are, pinning everything above while we sit on fundamentally different footing as most of the world.

This is a great point, and I think your critiques are valid. The focus on the 99% vs the 1% is definitely an oversimplification of the vast range of problems that exist in our world, and the white middle class has certainly benefited from the status quo far more than other groups.

While there are other factors that create divisions in our world, I do find myself going back to economic inequities with regard to pretty much every one. The problem of income and wealth inequality is core to so many of the divisions that exist, which is why I see it as the most important issue on which to focus. I firmly believe that by dealing with economic inequality and the class system, there will be direct and indirect benefits to every other ongoing struggle for equality.

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