An Overview of 2017 Honda Civic Type-R

Are you contemplating with the idea of buying new Honda cars for sale? What about buying a Honda coupe? Honda coupes have long been a hot favorite of car enthusiasts. And the new Honda Civic Type R is no exception. The 2017 Civic Hatchback is considered as the next generation Civic Type R. After making its debut in the global platform of the 2016 Paris auto show, the Civic Type R will be officially launched in 2017. Moreover the Civic Type R was launched in North America in the 2016 Sema show, marking the debut of the first Honda-badged Type R in North America.

The all new Civic Type R flaunts a sleek and sporty hatchback design and also has inbuilt track-ready features and an eye-catching finish. The Civic Type R will join its other family members, the 10th Generation Civic Sedan, Civic Coupe, Civic Hatchback and the to-be-released Civic Si variants. 
 According to Dave Gardner, senior vice president of the Honda Canada Inc. “The people, all the Honda fans and car enthusiasts will get to experience the ultimate Civic performance through the Civic Type R.

The new Civic Type R Prototype has an impressive and stylish muscular body, modified in a particular manner to assist aerodynamic performance. The unique feature about the prototype car is that its exterior is extremely reflective and is given a discreetly grained aluminum finish. The fascia in front of the car prominently flaunts its winged carbon fiber splitter and very sporty and trendy red accent line. In order to increase the width of the fascia more slatted ducts are added to it. The sculpted air intakes are filled with inserted diamond-mesh.

The Civic Type R flaunts Honda’s iconic “H” red badge at the nose, on the front grille of the car. The Civic Type R Prototype has LED headlights with smoked lenses, indicators and side indicator with repeater lights. The hood has a new air scoop placed in the central position in the trapezoid space.

The Civic Type R Prototype has 20-inch piano black alloy wheels wrapped in high performance 245-section tires with red accents. The side sills of the car are covered with carbon fiber skirts. The central tailpipe which is smaller in diameter is painted in bright metallic red color. The exclusive vortex generators present at the rear edges of the roof are pointed in a backwards direction making the rear wing look visually striking.
 The next generation honda cars for sales Civic Type R Prototype is made by the joint efforts of the Honda R&D teams in Japan and Europe and will be exclusively produced in the UK Manufacturing plant (HUM) in Swindon.

Resource: An Overview of 2017 Honda Civic Type-R