How To Get The Most Value For The Money When Buying A Laser Cutter

Bobby Wharton
Mar 5, 2018 · 2 min read

Laser cutters are excellent tools for small businesses and hobbyists. However, laser engraver prices can easily exceed $15,000. Since most small businesses can’t afford such an investment, especially when they are just starting out, they need to start with a smaller and lower-cost machine. The following are some tips for choosing the best metal Laser engravers for less than $10,000.

Avoid Cheap Imports

It is possible to find some great deals on laser cutters that are produced overseas. However, the quality of these machines can vary widely, and many buyers end up spending a lot of extra money replacing parts and getting service. In addition, it may be difficult to reach tech support if purchasing from an overseas company. Spending a little extra to buy a product from a domestic company that offers reliable customer service is usually worthwhile.

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Figure Out How To Get The Most Out Of A Smaller Bed

Laser cutters with really large beds are wonderful because they can handle jobs of any size. However, not only are they more expensive than smaller machines, they’re also a lot heavier to move and harder to make room for. Businesses that need more than the smallest cutting space should look into a smaller laser cutter with an adjustable bed that can accommodate a variety of material sizes.

Make Sure The Laser Can Be Upgraded

Another way to start small is to purchase a lower-power laser that can be upgraded later. For example, the Boss LS1630 comes with a 65 watt CO2 laser tube that can be upgraded to a 100 watt tube. The wattage of a laser tube has more to do with how quickly it cuts than with how deep a cut it can make, so an upgrade can save time for a small business and allow more work to be produced. The hobbyist, however, may be satisfied with the lower wattage tube.

Purchasing a starter laser cutter can be a great investment for a small business or a hobbyist. Once the user has mastered the workings of the machine and sees all the possibilities it offers, he or she may want to consider an upgrade. But, in many cases, a small laser cutter will be able to do everything the user wants and needs.

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