Screenwriting = Product Design
Roman Mittermayr

Wow, I feel clean and super crisp after reading this through. Cheers, Roman. I’m currently trying to balance a career as screenwriter / entrepreneur, so I really feel like I’m getting your vibe. There are so many lessons you learn trying to write that apply to our whole existence. It sounds obtuse, but it’s true. You’ve demo’d that here.

I think you’ve touched on something really, really human. There’s that psychological gap between who we are and who we want to be. But all that really matters is the moment. And if you’re working towards those objectives, in the moment. That’s like writing a scene. You just want your players to be in the moment.

And on writing deeply for yourself, I think when you write deeply and selfishly enough, you’ll touch on something human. And the moment you touch on something human, you’ll connect with the rest of the human race. This is true of product / service design and of great art.

Go about healing yourself and you’ll heal others.

Brilliant. Thanks again.

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