Trying to step out of your protective cover (an incomplete note)

All of a sudden one day you are trying to make sense of the things around, something looks odd this day, I don’t have words to explain or even say.

Everything which was making sense inside, now seems unknown, things are not how they were, inside my protective cover.

I was always afraid to step out as I always knew it was not wise, but today I have no other choice. The clock is ticking and the time is passing by, surroundings are missing the usual chime, today I can actually feel the passage of time.

When I was inside, I was shielded, the bad always looked good, whatever was beyond was through you, and this is the zone where I grew. My world is not shielded today, everything around looks odd, everything looks different, so strange, seems like a big change. It was like the colors of the day just faded into gray, I am so vulnerable to this world, I am afraid of what is to come, as I am becoming numb.

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