TED talk Tokyo event 24|05|2017.



Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something.

Until you love something, you’ll never give everything you have for it. Love takes the attention off of you and places it on someone or something else. When you love something, you put it before yourself.

1 Question- Please provide a brief outline of your suggested talk, with as much detail as you feel is required. Be sure to restate your idea and provide evidence to support it as needed through anecdotes, facts and Data.?

Answer -In today world it does not matter how experience you are? Does not matter are you Ive league university pass out or drop out? It only matter what you love to do, or what is your passion.

Passion make big profit, make big company or anything which is impossible.


Apple –

Started by Steve jobs, a drop out, not even an engineer, built a whole industry by from his passion. Although he was kick out from his company, started a new company called NEXT, later merged with apple. And again become a CEO of apple from that he was kick out. The Company posted quarterly revenue of $42.4 billion in 2016. http://www.apple.com/

Casey Neistat:

An American Famous on YouTube star for daily vlog, does not attend high school & film school. Ran out from home at age 15. Work as a dish washer, single father at age 18, financial very poor, move to New York City. Starting filming with normal cam & editing. (He edited his clip on iMac video editing software) he made movie for anyone that would pay them, birthday video, anything which involve picking up a cam. Made a video on iPod dead battery (iPod dirty secret), video as exploded & it was before YouTube. Then made a video episode, sold out to HBO to 2 million US Dollar. Today he is famous you tuber, with current subscriber of 6.9 million. https://www.youtube.com/user/caseyneistat

Question 2 -How does your talk connect with our theme “The Courage To…”?

Answer -Well, Courage is related to passion because if you don’t have courage to follow up your passion, then today we don’t have company like Apple or Facebook. These are the breakthrough product in IT industry. Steve jobs has courage to make a company like apple because he has a passion for work, This same goes with Facebook., Mark Zuckerberg. has passion to connect with people and outcome is Facebook.

Question 3-Why do you believe this talk is interesting for people to hear?

Answer- This talk is interesting for people to hear because most of people can connected with the product, apple or Facebook, or YouTube. But mostly don’t know that the driving force behind company or product is passion.

Question-4 What makes your idea surprising, unusual or new?

Answer-This is not unusual or new idea but the outcome of the story is surprising, how many people know that from passion can start a company from zero, and again restart a new company (NEXT). Later merged with same company. (Apple) Or who can know that without any experience or school, you can make a famous YouTube star, current subscriber of 6.9 million. (Casey Neistat)

Question 5- Does your story or idea inspire people to think differently? Does it make unique connections?

Answer-Apple tagline was think differently, Casey Neistat, done all thing in his life which was not appropriate in social life. But still both are stand differently in today world. One is product which was famous for new innovation like IMac, and another becoming famous point out a fault in that. (IPod battery). Having a courage to speak out against tech giant like apple. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuTcavAzopg

Question 6-If your talk is about an idea, what would happen if that idea became a reality?

Answer -If my talk become reality then everyone become entrepreneur, & then we are short of people in every company. But apart from this, if people started following this idea, at least they have satisfaction in her/ his life & people will have courage to what they like to do!!

Question 7- If your talk is about a story, what lessons would you like others to learn from it? In a single sentence, what is the key takeaway that you want the audience to know or feel after hearing your talk?

Answer-The single takeaway for audience is passion can overcome everything, if you have knowledge but don’t have passion or courage to take it further, then there is no meaning of that knowledge. Passion can overcome any thing.

Question 8-What makes a great TED Talk is the speaker’s authentic connection to their topic. Please explain

Answer -Why your idea is emotionally and/or intellectually important to you, and why you are the best person to give this talk?

The authentic connection to the topic is the outcome of passion, the product is apple’s iPhone or video clips by Casey which get millions of view. The idea important is to me because I believe in this idea very much.