Only in Texas

I’m sitting in a taxi cab in Austin

And my incredible friend is telling the cabbie

About some pre-wedding ritual

Of taking an old piece of underwear

And writing on it

The names of your previous lovers

Then setting the thing on fire

And the cab driver says

Another way of doing it

Is to say the person’s name

And say

“I release you!

In Jesus’ name

I set you free

I’m breaking all ties”

And then you let them go

She said

When you love someone madly

You look for them in pieces

In every place

In every person

In every spontaneous adventure

I thought of you

There in that moment

I thought

For fifteen years now, you’ve been holding on

So tightly

You don’t even realize it anymore

Like a child that falls asleep

With toy in hand

You’ve been holding on

So in case you happen to notice

The toy

Or the girl

Let go.