Untold conversations
Every day I talk to many people … smile,laugh,enjoy but still there is a kind of emptiness in me, like something is missing or someone is missing…. I try alot to live without thinking of u or talking to u but I still silently care n keep a watch on ur latest updates… I don’t directly call or text u but I do post things on our common groups so that I cn hear something from u not directly to me but atleast something!… many people may think tht m a fool n I should just call u if I miss u so bad but how do I make them understand tht it’s not my ego thts coming in the way… it’s just tht u hve learnt to live without me n I have learnt to live without u n I dnt wanna disturb tht….. u had ur problems n I respected that n now I hve my problems n u may never understand them may be no1 will but I won’t lie, whnever I see ur text in the group I do smile n that feeling is much better then talking to others for the whole day!
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