A Roundup 2017!

Heya! First of all, this is a first article I’m writing so please give me some love and wishes!
Wishing you all a very happy, healthy, prosperous New year 🎉
It’s gonna be a long reading, so a big thanks for your patient reading!
Everything written is from my heart. Not my mind so mind my grammar. Thank you.


It all started off with a lots of flair, was just into my final semester of my engineering with lots of butterflies in mind of choosing what next! (Added with the pressure of choosing a high scoring final year project :-P)

And this was the last time I would be hosting my college annual function which I did for the last 4 years.

It was a moment of realisation for me. I was for the last time on the stage anchoring untill the next time in my college, I ended up being applauded from everyone which got pictured in my heart forever. A teary Farewell it was for me( It was like Sachin’s feeling on retirement from cricket)!

Just as everything felt wowsome, my engineering journey ended and it was a mixed feelings and an unknown gratitude towards the college which thought me life, gave me my identity and made me who I am today with regards and regrets I was now a Mechanical engineer.

With high ambitions,large dreams and flawless energy & confidence and with an average score! I decided not to join any IT company as I was very clear about the next thing that was joining the Indian Army, Yes! the Indian army ,which I had dreamt and prepared myself for years.

But there awaited a twist for me I had to bend myself to this man’s zeal and decided to join him and be a part of his Startup called Competences Factory (www.competencesfactory.com) as a Buisness development associate untill my SSB.(Yes! First job as soon as I was out of college)That man was Suraj S D, a super senior of mine,A seasoned Automative desgin engineer,a passionate Tech enthusiast and educator.

I have to thank him for being a super awesome CEO with whom I had the pleasure of working with. I had some of the greatest insightful talks with him (Unlimited Pizza and deserts too). I was fortunate enough to have stumbled upon super awesome people in my days working with him at 91Springboard., Where I met Kalyan Veerghanta,a fellow intern with me in Competences Factory, Rahul Murli from www.throughbit.com, Vidya Nair and Zaid from the 91Springboard team, Hemant G from Wipadika Innovations, super cool conversations with them was an workplace advantage for an extrovert learner like me.

When in Competences Factory I was fortunate to be mentored by Pramod Chakravarthy Patil, who thought me a great lesson in life “ Know your silver lining and work for it”!, I also had a opportunity to work with a marketing veteran Shri.Ram Kulkarni who thought me some lessons in marketing from his experiences of 4 decades into marketing. He thought me never say ‘But’ when your marketing a product. I had myself backed up by my super cool senior Roshni Rao who kept me going throughout my stint in Competences Factory.

Then came another twist where I had to undergo a lot of mental turmoil due to my inconsistent thoughts, and then I resigned from Competences Factory.

This lead me back to my home where I had a opportunity waiting for me, I spent some quality time on LinkedIn, got connected to some of the finest people around in the professional network. This helped me to learn alot about many things. Sooner, I was humbled with a opportunity to be consulting a new age startup in my hometown Hubli who had seen me helping few others, the startup was Tweak Labs Inc., I worked with a super dedicated and passionate team which included Samar A M, Adarsh M J and Shreehari Bagalkot. I had a lot to learn from them. We worked together to grow the startup and today we are present in Hubli, Pune and Hyderabad. Working with them and building strategies made me meet new people, think differently and learn alot. We grew with all efforts. I was happy and proud to be a part of their growth.

Erstwhile, I was lucky enough to be bestowed upon another opportunity of training students by my Super guru aka mentor Vishwanth Koundinya from Mahath consulting. This was a breakthrough for me, I loved training students (Students loved me training them too). It made me feel empowered. I was so grateful to Vishwanth sir and Aparna Bhat for their faith on me and my skills. This shaped a new person in me.

All this came to me like, a saying in Kannada “Rogi bayyasidu Vaidya hellidu” meaning “ What the patient asked is what the doctor prescribed”. I was waiting for opportunities like these and the lord blessed me with opportunities like these.

On the cake was a icing missing, I had this great opportunity to mentor Pratham Yogendra and Vinayak V R for their dreams. With all the knowledge I had I mentored them to come up with something awesome. The projects were up for discussion, planning and now are on the line to execution. (Once project execution is done they are gonna be Rockstars.) This was the icing on the cake. This gave me a new zeal.

Then came the cherry on the cake, my college guru Manjunath was now commissioned in the army and was Lt.Manjunath and that was an direct inspiration to me. And my other guru Srinath Rayasam got married!

Then came the day I was waiting for since years, My SSB interview for Indian Army on the beautiful day of Christmas it was. Amidst lots of confidence and hope I was there to fulfill my long lasting dream of joining the army.

But Lord had his own plans and unfortunately I was screened out on day one., With a heavy heart and teary eyes I came out with blurred mind and questions tangled around.

It took me few minutes to come out of it. I took a deep breath and told myself, “You only loose when you quit and I’m not quitting, I will be back here again,work on my mistakes and be a better person than now, I will be back to chase my dream. ”

What next? I had responsiblilty up on me, untill next time I go to my SSB I decided to work and learn. So now I’m up waiting for the right opportunity again, like I did back again in 2017.

2017 was a year of ups and downs, leaps and bounds, success and failure, strength and weakness. Lots of opportunities made me learn a lot of lessons in life from pushing yourself to keep doing good and wait for your turn to come I learnt it all.

I hope the same adventure of learning continues in the next Karma cycle 2018.

Thank you Kedar Desphande for inspiring me to write my round up.

Thank you lord for all the good and bad. For all the lessons learnt.

Happy everyday to everyone.

This round up made me realise,

“I am nothing today,
But I will be something oneday”

Cheers to all failures,

Hurrah to all successes!

It’s truly written in Sri Bhagvat Gita “ Keep doing your karma, dont think of the fruit,you will receive your fruit one day”.

Hope it was worth a read. Thank you. Lots of love.

Jai hind.
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