Press Release: 11 April 2017

It’s been a long, difficult and rewarding experience for ParkAmigo over the past few months in our push to set up operations in the U.K but we’re (almost) ready to get going!

ParkAmigo is a company that serves to alleviate the stress commuters face one trip at a time. We facilitate the transaction between those who are looking to park and those who have vacant parking spaces. Are you a homeowner, hotel chain, or B&B? If yes, you’re in luck. Our job is to make sure the parking space you have that’s always vacant is put to good use. And you’ll get paid for it too!

How We Make Money

We operate a commission revenue model and collect 20% on every sale of a parking space. The rest goes to the owner of the listed space.

What’s Next

We have some exciting new features we’re going to slowly be rolling out on the app to further enhance your parking experience. Our vision is to put ourselves in the best position to drive the way parking responds to technological changes in transportation around the globe. Our strategy in the U.K is simple:

  • work closely with our lovely Brand Ambassadors in selected universities to provide an efficient parking marketplace for students and faculty
  • partner with established hotels, B&Bs, and restaurants around busy cities to enhance the commute for individuals

We will be launching in three other markets before the end of the year

We have an exclusive list of tech companies, restaurants, hotels and B&B’s we are partnering with. We’d hate for you to miss out on The Next Big Thing. Contact us.

Contact Us

Got a vacant parking space lying around? Own a hotel chain, restaurant, or B&B? Are you an undergraduate student studying in the U.K? If your university, hotel, or B&B is in the areas mentioned below, let’s work together. Email us at

London, Kent, Brighton, Surrey, Portsmouth, Reading, Exeter, Plymouth, Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Warwick, Coventry, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Loughborough, Nottingham, Leeds, Bristol, Bath, Edinburgh, Oxford, Cardiff

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