founder VikaasKwatra has over a decade of experience in residential, commercial, and industrial land development. As a co-founder of Cancom Developments, Vik has played a major role in creating and promoting high-end neighbourhoods, retail shops, and other developments in Alberta.

To learn more about VikaasKwatra and Cancom Development, read our most recent blog post.

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Live Better Homes

The team at Live Better Homes is dedicated to helping families realize their investment goals and build their dream homes. …

Land development is nothing new to our founder, VikaasKwatra

While there are many brilliant minds behind the concept, Vik is the driving force behind it. He has put all of his time and energy in the past two years into designing this concept and bringing it into the Blockchain realm. He sees the problems that plague the market, both for owners and renters of parking spaces. He’s converted this problem into an opportunity that allows all stakeholders to benefit.

According to Vik: “For too long, parking has cost too much money, and there are never enough spaces available. …

Consider for a moment how inefficient most parking meters and parking payment systems are. Many operate on 15-minute intervals. This means that you pay for 15 minutes, even if you only need 5. This frequently results in inefficient spending.

Another consideration is lost time. Most parking payment machines require you to be in person in order to top-up your payment. Estimating your usage time can be very difficult. Will your meeting run 15 minutes later than you think? What if you miss the time block by just a few minutes? Isn’t it better to overpay “just in case”?

Only Pay…

Never before have people been able to pay for parking with ETHER. With, that will change. Accepting ETHER as a payment method through the app is an innovation that will benefit investors and app users.

So, how will it actually work? How will the app interact with a physical parking lot?

Let’s look at the process for checking in and out of a parking lot through the app.

When Entering the Parking Lot:

- The driver pulls up to the parking lot entrance and scans the entrance QR code on his or her smartphone

- The QR…

What is a Smart Contract?

Smart contracts help avoid middle-men in online transactions. Just like a contract in real life, this virtual version of a contract outlines the conditions and details of a transaction. However, a smart contract can implement these conditions and details immediately.

The Major Benefits of Smart Contracts

The benefits of using smart contracts for the app are nearly endless, but below are a few features we think users and investors will appreciate the most.


In the case of a parking app where various payments will be coming in and going out, smart contracts will…

If you haven’t checked the website in a few weeks, you might not have seen the revisions we’ve made to our whitepaper.

What is the Purpose of the Whitepaper?

The whitepaper is designed to relay the details of our strategy, ICO, and team to our investors and potential investors. It provides clear and thorough information, and acts as a guide to show us how we will reach our objectives.

Why Are There Revisions?

There are two primary reasons for the revisions we’ve made. In part, the revisions to the whitepaper address some of the feedback we’ve received from…

Since we launched in August, has had interest from investors and Blockchain users across the globe. People aren’t just interested in investing in the concept; they’re excited to see the application come to life. With this technology, parking will be easier for commuters, real estate owners and parking management teams, and entire communities and cities. The need for an innovative push in this often-complex and frustrating industry is clear.

The Most Convenient Way to Pay

As the world’s economies begin to move online, cryptocurrency is becoming a desirable option for paying for everyday commodities. …

Parking is a pestering issue in cities which we keep belittling. In the age of urban sprawl, this is a problem which everyone goes through daily. The problem is, you cannot generate more land to accommodate vehicles and number of vehicles is rising by leaps and bounds. There are parking lots, but scarce in number and arbitrarily managed.

Parkade is a unique parking service which is based on blockchain platform and comes as a mobile app which makes it very easy to use. In addition to it, parkade gives you solutions that were never conceived before. …

As parking prices in major cities rise, driving becomes less affordable. It only makes sense that people would drive less often, and therefore purchase less vehicles.

But does the data support it?

A 2016 study showed that as parking fees and fines rise, more and more people turn to public transit such as busses and trains for their transportation within cities.

However, there’s also a lot of data to support that car sales in most countries are growing each year. Canada broke a record last year for car sales, with over 2 billion cars sold.

So, if people are truly…

Parkade Coin Token Pre-Sale Bonus Period: August 30th to September 13th

The Parkade team is excited to announcea special bonus offer pricing for Parkade Coins. The special token bonus will constitute the pre-sale of tokens. From August 30th– September 13th, investors will be able to buy Parkade Coins and receive a 25% bonus. This is a limited time opportunity to reward our early investors.

Save Money or Invest More!

The full price of Parkade Coin will be $0.50 cents per token (in American dollars). During the pre-saleoffer period, with the same initial investment you will get 25% more tokens.


Parkade io

Discover the opportunity to participate in changing the way the world parks!

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