Park smart. Invest, earn and be privileged with Parkade

Parking is a pestering issue in cities which we keep belittling. In the age of urban sprawl, this is a problem which everyone goes through daily. The problem is, you cannot generate more land to accommodate vehicles and number of vehicles is rising by leaps and bounds. There are parking lots, but scarce in number and arbitrarily managed.

Parkade is a unique parking service which is based on blockchain platform and comes as a mobile app which makes it very easy to use. In addition to it, parkade gives you solutions that were never conceived before. Parkade not only solves your parking issues, it also gives you an opportunity to earn, simply by parking your car with us.

Here’s what Parkade does

Parkade will provide its own parking lots in multiple cities across the globe. We have primarily targeted the cities where parking is a major issue. Our parking lots will be available to all the users at a very basic charge as compared to the usual charges applied elsewhere. But if you are an investor of parkade ICO, you’ll enjoy privileges which involve-

· Parking reservation on 1st & 2nd floor.

· Recipient of revenue earned through parkade app.

· Rights of renting your own parking lot.

· Ownership of real estate through the parking lot.

Apart from this, parkade will provide a much safer environment than any other place. Parkade will build its own multistory parking garages which will be scattered in busiest areas of rushy cities. Integrating this platform with cryptocurrency gives it flexibility and wider coverage. The users of parkade app will be able to pay not only through the parkade coin but also through fiat.

How do we operate?

Parkade will invest all of its ICO proceeds into parking real estate, infrastructure and mobile application. The parkade coin holders will be entitled to receive 50% of the revenue generated through operations and mobile applications.

To ensure growth and stability, parkade will re-invest 50% of the revenue into retrofitting the facilities and acquiring new lots. It will help us maintain the value of coin and gain more profits.

Parkade coin will perform multiple tasks for investors. It will grant the investors with exclusive rights which would enhance their earnings. It will secure their parking on the first two floors of the parking lot. A blockchain backed system which secures your investment and connects you with worldwide parking infrastructure.

Parkade has initially outlined 150 cities around the world to build the parking lots. Upon the completion of ICO, we’ll start building the facilities with all the necessary accessories and start working on the mobile platform. Our vision is to reach $500 million asset portfolio that purchases parking lots around the world and provide affordable parking to consumers.

Global Parking Scenario

As the numbers of personalized cars are growing globally, on-street parking is becoming difficult day by day. Following this aftermath, off-street parking methods are now in vogue. Parking lots and multistory parking systems are emerging with a faster pace everywhere. With infrastructure, a proper system of parking is also being evolved, which allows users to reserve their parking.

While it is much better than the arbitrary system of parking, these facilities involves higher cost of maintenance which is ultimately added to the pocket of parking lot users. According to a report published by Global Parking Management Market, the total revenue by parking systems worldwide will reach US$30,143.8 Million by 2021.

The Parkade Approach

Parkade will provide the best facility and security to vehicles, but it will significantly cut down the costs of parking. By introducing it as an instrument of investment, parkade will simplify the parking and distribute profits among the token holders as the revenues amass.

The presale of Parkade is going to finish in 2 days, buy your tokens today. We are sure that this concept will bring a lot of relief to millions of people, for they will be able to park conveniently and generate a large sum of profits at the same time

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