Exploring Google Play Services: Place Picker & Autocomplete
Joe Birch

Great post — I do have a question and wonder if you’ve run into this during your use of the PlacePicker API. Compared to the previous Google Places API for Web implementation, I have to say the search results for the Place Picker are really bad. If I use the search and find “retirement homes” I get results in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Missouri, North Carolina — needless to say I don’t live near those places! However, if I use the previous API for Web and pass in my search parameters, the resulting JSON output is spot on. All of the results for “retirement home” are within 5–10 miles of my present location, as I would expect.

No matter what I try — I’ve even tried the other new APIs released as part of this update — I end up with the same bad results.

Would love to know if anyone else is running into this issue…