How to negotiate for banquet halls in NJ?

Are you looking for banquet halls in NJ but most of them are out of budget? Or getting a few more services at no extra cost would be simply amazing. If that’s something hovering in your mind, you landed at the right place.

I am going to share my best kept ‘secrets’ to negotiate a fantastic deal if you want a banquet hall in NJ. I assume these tips will work anywhere but just wanted to make it clear that I get my experience through booking banquet halls in NJ.

1. Tell them what you can’t afford but want

It doesn’t come to many, but sometimes all you need to do is ASK. Phrase it like “Oh! I love this particular service, but I cannot afford to upgrade the package.” Mention it a couple of times while pretending that you might not take that lower package because you don’t have THAT particular service, and there’s almost 80% chance that they’ll offer you that service for free. Don’t ask me how it works. It’s a tried and tested psychological trick of negotiation. But remember to be reasonable while looking for such an upgrade.

2. Up the minimum number of people

A lot of banquet halls in NJ tend to give more discounts if you just increase the minimum number of expected people. Inquire from the ones you’re considering about this, and you’ll get some fantastic deals which wouldn’t have had before.

3. Ask if booking on some specific date or time will make a differenceBanquet halls in NJ are cheaper during the off-season and certain days of the week. Specifically, ask the person you’re negotiating with if they can offer you a lower price for booking on an individual day. If staying in budget is crucial to you, I suggest you look for banquet halls before you set the wedding/event date.

4. Pick hotels instead of private clubs

Read all the three points above once again. They wouldn’t work for private clubs that offer banquet halls. I’ve never been able to understand the real reason behind that I guess it’s because they don’t really ‘need’ the business while hotels do. So, you will always have a better chance to negotiate with hotels than private halls. Read more about clinton nj hotels.

5. Sound uncertain

The last thing you can do is when someone tries to sell you the service, try to be uncertain. Pretend as if you’re trying to make a decision than that you’re totally sure you WANT that place. To keep you as a customer, they’ll shower some good deals on you. If you find a great one, go for it.

That’s how you can do it. I hope it’ll help you negotiate for banquet halls in NJ. Do check out HisClinton if you require a reference from my side.

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 August 31, 2016 at 02:26PM

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