3 easy and very basic tips to find cheap flight tickets

The high fares of flights are always a major concern that comes along with travelling. But, there are cheap tickets only if you know how to find one. Read more to know a few hacks.

Even if you are not a frequent traveler, but as there is the general tendency of trying to save as much as one can, the high flight tickets have always attracted the attention. The good thing is that compared to a few decades ago when there were just a few carriers and a small number of travelers, who considered flights, today there is a large rise in the number of carriers and their flights frequency as well as the number of travelers wanting to fly instead of traveling on trains. Routes like, Mumbai to Goa flights, Delhi to Mumbai flights, Bangalore to Chennai flights, etc. remain the busiest flight routes. Plus, there are even some faraway towns and popular hill stations that either are equipped with an airport or share a good connectivity with the airport.
There are often queries about the tips or ways to reduce the flight fares or how to get cheap flight tickets. The truth is there are certain ways that can help you to get a cheaper flight ticket, for example the air carriers often offer some deals and relaxations to their loyal customer. So here are some easy and effective ways that can help you find a cheap flight ticket.

Stick to budget carriers

This is one of the easiest and most obvious ways to find a cheap air ticket. There are number good budget air carriers that ferry an individual from one place to another at quite a reasonable fare. The only issue with these carriers is that they are pretty much limited to only popular flight routes. Besides, the budget flights aren’t as comfortable and amenities replete as the luxury flights are. However, the good thing is the budget flights pretty much serves the main purpose, which is to transport one to his destination in short time interval. Plus, an advantage of sticking with only a particular carrier is that you might get rewards and points for your loyalty, which might come helpful in reducing the flight fare.

Book tickets ahead

This one of the most common advises that most of the travel experts advice. It is quite right to say that travel industry is time based. The more late you are the costlier the tickets will get. The ideal time frame for booking ticket is 3–4 weeks ahead of the journey date.

Avoid weekends and popular flying days

It is quite obvious that in a week there are some days that are popular for flying whereas others see less number of travelers. Weekends, Monday and Friday usually see more number of travelers. They are very popular and the air carriers use this in their advantage. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the least popular flying days. A good trick will be to compare the consecutive least popular days of the same month, for instance, two consecutive Thursdays. Also tickets generally tend to get a bit cheaper right after a popular national holiday. For example, till two-three days after Diwali, Holi, etc.

There are some other easy hacks to do cheap flights booking, like doing booking two way flights, comparing between fares of two-three air carriers, using travel agencies, etc.

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