3 Sound Strategies for Better Nutrition


Who really has the time to eat right?

Does anyone order the side salad?

Am I carrying a lunch box right now?

The path to better nutrition is littered with unsettling questions and even tougher choices. Some days you feel uncomfortable, agitated and awkward. Other days you feel energized, willing and empowered.

When it comes to food, we face hundreds of choices each day. These internal debates are only made more difficult in the absence of sound strategies, daily habits and core beliefs.

It’s vital to begin establishing, or fine-tuning, your personal blueprint for dietary success. Part of those plans should include a few everyday tactics you follow to help establish “new norms”. Here’s three to think about:

1. Start Making (Better) Smoothies

A smoothie is simply what you make it. Nothing more nothing less.

Chances are you think smoothies are what they sell at the store or your local Planet Smoothie. Hopefully you don’t drink those sugary excuses for something healthy. The key is getting a blender and making your own. Nothing fancy — $15 on Amazon can get you started.

As referenced in a previous article, it’s a challenge for most people to reach daily recommended levels of essential vitamins and macro-nutrients. How can you combat this? SMOOTHIES.

Start off with a handful of frozen fruit (or ice), whey protein powder, almond milk or water, an add-on of your choice (peanut butter, cinnamon, ground flax, chia seeds, coconut oil) and you’re ready to rock.

Smoothies are also a great choice for breakfast or post-workout. By blending your ingredients in smoothies, you are actually allowing for easier nutrient absorption in the body when compared to eating solids. So go ahead, start drinking your fruits and vegetables.

2. Prioritize Green Fruits and Vegetables

Green is king in the land of health foods: high amounts of Vitamin A and C, dense in phytonutrients, loaded with fiber and chocked full of antioxidants. Leafy greens? Even better..

The flexibility and availability of green foods also makes them a smart choice in building your dietary blueprint. You can almost always substitute a side salad or steamed broccoli for mashed potatoes and french fries. You can always add fresh greens like spinach or kale to a sandwich or soup. You can even substitute pita chips with celery or cucumber when eating hummus.

I know what you’re thinking… this sounds like FUN! I promise it gets easier.

Start small by sneaking some greens into those smoothies you started making. Keep ordering your favorite burger, just get it with the side salad instead of the ultimate mashed potatoes. Buy a big bag of your favorite leafy green (spinach, kale, arugula, lettuce) and commit yourself to finishing it before it goes bad, you may just surprise yourself.

3. Bring Your Food With You

“Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” — Confucius

You’re diet plan is sure to fail if you’re not prepared.

The moment you leave the house, you’re at the mercy of the closest restaurant, convenient store or snack shop. As we’ve learned by now, most food found on shelves or from commercial kitchens comes loaded with sodium, calories and fat.

No one is asking you do dust off that vintage lunch box, but you may need to get creative.

Bringing your food can start with something as small as a grabbing a banana and bottle of water before your next meeting. Maybe you throw a handful of nuts in a Ziploc bag on your way to run errands.

The point is that you are taking active accountability to your food goals and choices. Sometimes the best way to avoid a bad food choice is to avoid the act of choice altogether.

In conclusion.

I’m passionate about helping others transform their lives through daily choice.

Oftentimes our food choices are directly related to the happiness we seek.. channel the healing power of healthy food and discover how nutrition can help you live the life you dream of.

Hopefully some of these concepts have helped open your mind to what’s possible. Thanks for reading and get started!

Choose wisely -

Parker (@parkerantoine)

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