Cell Phone Risks

Cell phones might make life easy, but they do not come without a side of risks. Sure, cell phones come with usage and cost risks that many are familiar with. There are risks that don't come tied with monthly usage fees and overage charges though:

Crashes a plenty

Police officers are cracking down harder and harder on cell phone usage while people are driving. Many states have put hands free laws into place to pull that phone off peoples ears. Yet, accidents continue to increase.

The biggest culprit for teens is texting while driving. There have been some violent commercials made to try to illustrate just how deadly texting and driving can be. Texting can be done while on the road, it just needs to be done with the car pulled over and in a non moving kinda position.

Adults suffer from a different form of distraction as well. Maybe you update the GPS on your phone while you are driving. Maybe you check your work emails while on the road. Any time you pull your eyes off the road to look at your cell phone you set yourself up for an accident. It is not that hard to stop at a rest area to respond to emails to take care of business.

Pedestrians get hurt as well

Pedestrians on cell phones can be dangerous as well. You know the people as those that are texting, reading, or just talking on their cell phones and pays no attention to what is around them. The major issue with this comes when pedestrians just walk out into traffic without even bothering to looks.

Another issue comes with all this cell phone communication while just walking around. There really are people who have walked into trees, smacked into the sides of buildings, and walked into cars due to them not paying attention. The worst issues come in people tripping over object or falling into holes they were not looking out for.

It is easy to avoid any of these issues. Just stop walking when you are using your cell phone. Put the phone away and commence your travels. Easy as that.

To radiate or not to radiate

There is a world of debate on cell phone radiation. One study will boast the hazards of using a cell phone due to small nuclear power plants worth of radiation leaking out from the device. Other studies will come out proving cell phones are just fine for everyday use. What is a sane person to do with all these reports?

The solution is easy. Just do what you feel most comfortable doing. There is a whole consumer market full of devices geared towards keeping you safe from any potential radiation. Look into those options and choose what you are most comfortable with. It never hurts to do some research on your own and come up with your own conclusions either.

Using your cell phone at home poses some of the lowest risks to anyone possible. Maybe it is time to put that phone down, focus on your task at hand and return the phone at a later time when both parties are able to focus on the call. Safety is everyone job.