Alone in my Bed

I travel for work quite a bit . . . well in the months of October, April and July I am rarely home. This morning I woke up in TX alone in my bed. And you know what? I loved every minute of it. When I woke, I was laying in the dead center with ALL OF THE COVERS wrapped around me and every pillow squeezed tight to my body. I didn’t worry if I snored or if my breath smelled or if someone else was hungry or if the dogs needed to be let out. I just lay there with a giant smile on my face. Alone.

Don’t get me wrong, I like sharing my bed from time to time. But I LOVE being alone too . . . in my space . . . in my own thoughts . . . with no commitments to anyone in that time or space. I have often said that my favorite moments are between sleep and awake — that murky time in your mind when you aren’t really sure where you are or if you really exist. Those are the moments when you are just floating somewhere with not a care in the world. Sometimes I think that brief time between sleep and awake is where true contentment, true happiness exists.

This morning, with the sun streaming through the hotel window was one of those moments. Maybe that’s what heaven really feels like — wrapped in the warmth of white sheets, fluffy pillows and sunshine.

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