Coffee Shop Reflections

Circa 2009

Everyone wondered why she was there. They already knew who she was.

Even so, she held her head high. This was her town too (maybe more so than theirs). And no one and nothing was going to get her down.

In 11 years that town hadn’t beaten her yet. And she was damned if she was going to let today be the day that changed that . . .

So she faked a smile. But . . . soon that smile turned into a real smile. Not an evil or vindictive smile but the kind of smile that said: “Yes, I belong here.” Soon she found the corners of her mouth hurting from her wide grin and her laughter (no longer veiled).

She didn’t question anymore. And she stopped caring what they thought . . . what did they know anyway? She was so many things . . . and they’d never know . . .

She tapped her feet to the music and watched her children dance. She closed her eyes and let the feeling pour into her soul . . . and she left . . . she grabbed her children’s hands and leapt across the street, the wind blowing wildly in her hair . . .

They drove away singing to the radio in search of chocolate and moonlight.

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