For my Daughters

Circa 2009

I am a tiny dancer, swirling to my own beat
I watch them . . . they are just like me . . .
My flesh, my blood, my breath

My tears, my laughter, my pain . . . my joy and my sorrow

If you hurt them, I might kill you 
Unless it kills me first
They are my life . . . my love . . . my reason . . . my only universe

Together we dance and swirl on the hard wood floor
Swaying to the music like fools
Breaking all and any rules
Flying free . . . they are always
Part of me

My girls with their little curls and their giggles
Wiping off their crayon swiggles from the tables throughout the house
Reading stories
Picnics on the covers so rarely shared by anyone else

They are my sunshine and my rain
My only true loves . . . 
And someday my lovelies . . . I too will watch you fly high like doves

Flying free . . . soaring . . . exploring . . . discovering . . . and loving like you will never, ever get hurt.

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