What Makes Parker Buchanan Estates One of UK’s Best Estate Agencies?

Parker Buchanan Estates is one of the main online real estate agencies in the UK and has been delivering real estate services to customer satisfaction year by year. Actually found in Manchester, Lancashire, EEA has functions spanning across the UK — transcending borders from England to Northern Ireland in Europe, Wales and Scotland.

To the Agency’s credit, customer appraisals have helped EEA stay in the top ranks of property real estate agents. Of over 12, 500 property organizations listed on the online customer review directory of property agencies — All Agents UK — Parker Buchanan Properties has repeatedly ranked in the weekly top 60 & top 100 companies.

The Parker Buchanan Properties happens to be supporting homeowners sell their properties faster than most traditional property agents. A lot of the properties listed with them sell within 4–8 weeks of listing. The agency gives some of the best real estate solutions to its customers.

The factor that particularly makes them stand out from almost all of the average property organizations is their advertising strategy. The Parker Buchanan Locations employs unrivalled and substantial online advertising to entice home movers who seek properties available via the internet. In addition to local advertising, EEA also employs intensive national advertising for capturing the ‘out-of-town’ buyers who account for a significant proportion of all property agency sales.

Parker Buchanan Estates strives to work in the best interests of its customers — both buyers and sellers. Homes listed with the Firm are realistically priced to be able to achieve quicker sales. The Agency’s 24x7 Question, inquiry, interrogation Line allows its customers to get property-related help anytime, wherever. The Enquiry Series contributes towards one-on-one information exchange and increased sales.

Parker Buchanan Estates also provides in-house convincing service to speed things up for its customers. Professional and tailor-made services are also provided on case-by-case basis to help customers achieve maximum value for property. Unlike most organizations that aim to achieve 75% of the property’s value, EEA mostly focuses on 100%.

Parker Buchanan Estates is regulated by the Property Ombudsman Service. Desire to find out more on the organization? Check out what EEA customers are saying about its services in their testimonials.

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