How To Overcome 3 Major Challenges To International Student Recruitment

The number of colleges and universities recruiting international students is on the rise. Recruiting students from other countries boost diversity, infuse the campus experience with a global perspective, and provides a new source of revenue for schools.

The United States, in particular, boasts of a long-standing interest in international student recruitment. Many American colleges and universities boast of a rich history of enrolling foreign nationals from a variety of countries. However, the recent times have seen a marked increase in competition for international students as American institutions increase their focus on building a more geographically diverse student body.

American colleges and universities also face a tough competition from other countries that are marketing their unique qualities to increase the ratio of international students in their universities. This has propelled US universities to redouble their efforts in recruiting international students.

Universities aiming to grow their international student enrollment should begin with understanding the priorities and concerns international students bring to their search. Given below are some of the factors that influence international students’ evaluation of US universities.

Academic quality

The main purpose of students traveling abroad is to seek higher quality of education. Hence, the quality of education a particular university offers is of paramount importance. Flexibility and diversity in the courses and the ability to register for classes without much conflict are also prime considerations.

Campus life activities

Apart from the high quality of classroom education, the extra-curricular activities and other aspects of the campus culture also weigh into the factors that impact an international student’s choice of schools. Given that global organizations are looking for students that can contribute beyond their GPA in terms of real-life skills, students are concerned about what other activities are available to them that help enrich their overall overseas experience.

Financial aid

One of the main reasons US universities tend to be a tough sell internationally is because of the high tuition fees. And, this can be attributed to the fact that US spends more on their universities as compared to any other country in order to provide their domestic and international students with the best university experience. However, for students from certain countries, the availability of aids and scholarships matter immensely. They tend to tilt more towards colleges where they get a generous amount of financial aid.

While universities do face bumps on the road to international student recruitment, they are also armed with many powerful advantages which counter those drawbacks. US universities are not only providing the most excellent education but also equip students to become leaders in their industry and make an impact.

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