Wantrepreneur vs Business Person

Today, entrepreneurship is a popular term. It seems as if everyone says they are an entrepreneur, even if the haven’t actually done anything to earn that moniker. What separates the “real entrepreneurs” or as I like to call them, business people, from the “wantrepreneurs”?

If you have an idea, does that automatically give you the right to become a self-proclaimed entrepreneur?

Just because you have an interest in creating something, does this mean you are really an entrepreneur?

The business people vs wantrepreneurs debate comes down to this: interest vs commitment.

Ask yourself: Do I believe in my idea? Am I willing to put forth extraordinary effort to achieve success? Am I willing to sacrifice my time, money, friendships and more to see this idea through? How intensely do I care about this idea?

Think intently and answer those questions honestly. Two important keys to entrepreneurial success are self-awareness and self-honesty. If you suck at something, you need to realize you do, otherwise it is going to be a stumbling block. If you like an idea but really can’t love it 100%, you need to understand that and make a decision. If you don’t have the stomach for self-employment or management, it’s best to know that early so you can change that.

Here are two definitions:

Interest: the state of wanting to know or learn about something or someone.

Commitment: dedication to giving your time and energy to something that you believe in, or a promise or firm decision to do something

These are very different terms.

There is no shortage of ideas. There never has been and there never will be. The shortage is appropriate action and follow-through. This is where interest vs commitment comes in.

Let’s say you have an idea and 4,999 other people have the same idea. That means 5,000 people have an interest.

If you make a conscious decision to dedicate your life to this idea, to develop it, to iterate and grow it, you have committed completely to it. You must eat, sleep, and breathe your idea. Committing when others don’t, can’t or won’t is what will set you apart.

I see too often business owners that are interested at best with their businesses. It’s frightening to imagine how many people out there have mediocre businesses and will never elevate themselves to the next level because of a lack of commitment.

If you aren’t willing to commit right now, get out of wantrepreneurship and go work for someone else. You can always try again later. When you work for someone else company, you will have structure, clarity, and a level of commitment without the risk. You will be better prepared when you want to pursue your own ideas at a later time.

Entrepreneurship is a marvelous thing if you can execute your ideas. If you have many interests but never commit to one, you lost time you could’ve been using towards your goals and aspirations.

You need to make a conscious decision to change your mentality today. That is where the ability to commit begins. Once you decide, then you can push forward to greatness. Don’t be 1 in 5,000 people who have an idea. Commit and be the one.

I’d like to hear your story. Comment below with what made you commit.

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Parker D Little