My documentary ‘SMOKE: Marijuana + Black America’ tracks the recent cannabis boom — and how racism has already crept in

As the producer for the 2014 documentary Time is Illmatic, I’ve interviewed Nas more times than I can count. By this point, we’ve developed an easy rapport and settled comfortably in the zone between industry connection and working friendship. I’m used to him being subdued and reserved when he comes…


Turning 40 doesn’t mean you retire — it means you’ve got nothing left to prove

Clifford “T.I.” Harris always had a crown hovering above his head, even before he rocked it with a tilt. Like his extensive vocabulary, the Atlanta rapper/thespian/entrepreneur is continuously growing, expanding, and coming up with new ways in which to make his mark on the world. …

As the director of a documentary on the Rodney King uprising, I hope what we’re seeing today makes more of a difference than 1992 did

In the right hands and on the right occasion, the pen is mightier than the sword — and a camera can be louder than a cannon. The one in the above photo blew a hole in America’s façade of equal justice under the law; the shots fired reignited an ongoing…

Erik Parker

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