The Diner

Every morning prior to coming into work, I visit a local diner to eat breakfast. This has become a part of my morning ritual over the past year and a half; one I can’t live without. While this may sound like the typical routine of thousands of people across the country, this particular diner serves a special purpose beyond serving food. This is true as the people who work there have created an environment in which everyone who walks in is instantly a part of their extended family. Being a patron of this diner for as long as I have, I have had the privilege of witnessing countless acts of kindness from the waitstaff to other patrons.

One example of this kindness is how each day, no matter what the circumstances of the moment (busy, slow, in-between), the waitstaff will open the door for and even help an elderly man with a walker navigate the restaurant. This particular act of kindness stands out in my mind for several reasons. For one, you wouldn’t see this type of compassion in a public setting anywhere else. It’s so rare in the world today to see a group of people, whom I call my friends, helping someone in need. Secondly, and most importantly, it teaches everyone who is present in the restaurant at the time an invaluable lesson: kindness towards others.

Whether it is through the example I just detailed above or a simple smile from one of these wonderful people, kindness is exemplified in so many different ways. The list of these acts would take up pages and pages of this story, so in the essence of time, I will stop here.

One of my friends who works there stated it perfectly on a cold morning back in early December: “ This is an episode of the show, Cheers, on repeat each day.”

The people whom I have come across at this diner, whether they work there or not, have become members of my extended family. Family is of utmost importance to me and these loving, gracious people have accepted me into their tight-knit community. What an honor it has been over the past year to be welcomed back every morning with a smile and a “good morning!” from each of them. I couldn’t imagine beginning my day any other way and I cannot wait until tomorrow morning when I get to go back and sit there, in what I have come to call my second home.