Crusaders, supervillains, and the struggle for the heart of Gotham/America

Last month, conservative commentators Ben Shapiro and Kyle Smith scorned the news that Todd Phillips’ upcoming Joker would feature “pointed commentary on Donald Trump.”

Apparently the movie re-considers heroism and villainy in Gotham City, depicting Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas, not as a saintly philanthropist, but as a “cheesy and tanned…

Parker Hjelmberg revisits a particularly particular scene from the last season of GoT to argue why we should proceed with caution as April nears

As excitement mounts for the premiere of the 8th and final season of Game of Thrones on April 14th, I can’t get over something that happened very recently in Westeros. My eyes cannot unsee Theon Greyjoy getting kneed in the groin, nor the nonsense that followed. …

As the world’s top-earning female artist of 2018, how has Katy Perry’s star never been lower? Parker Hjelmberg writes on the rise and fall of the Princess of Pop

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It doesn’t make me happy to write this — because she was fun once, and no one should take pleasure in another’s…

It’s (probably) not his fault that he’s this obnoxious…right?

Even though he makes occasional news with his play on the basketball court (his full time job), Kyrie Irving gets talked about more often for saying eccentric things (his side hustle). The conspiracy theories are among the most standard of the eccentric things he says — the world is flat…

Parker Hjelmberg

Interested in books, culture, sports, and good sentences. Twitter @parkerhjelmberg.

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