What is it like to live on an Indian reservation today, and how is the culture still being preserved?

When studying Native American history, a lot of information is often left out. One of the areas that is rarely studied is how Native Americans preserve their culture and the struggles they continue to face on the reservations. In the YouTube video (starting at 2:37), “Episode 2- Remember” a group of men visited the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, the second poorest place in the Western Hemisphere. We thought this would be a good resource to use to help us answer our question because it gives multiple perspectives on what life is like on a reservation today.

A map of Native populations in Wisconsin and major Midwestern cities would be another source to help our students taking a closer look at the distribution of Native Americans.

Milwaukee’s Indian summer festival is a great way to see the Native American culture preserved and celebrated throughout the state of Wisconsin. People of all backgrounds are invited and welcomed to join and celebrate the many tribes, dancers, musical groups, and art that all beautifully display the rich culture and traditions of the Native American people.

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