Am I missing something?
Evan Zamir

Hey Evan,

Good question. The post doesn’t actually say that 19K viewed a file. The number who “view file” in our sandbox example is actually a little higher and not directly equivalent to DAU, even if in our example it’s correlated. What the funnel corroborates is the hypothesis that Pied Piper’s UX is confusing for users who are adopting in high numbers (but seldom converting to other actions). In the context of the show, 500K users create an account on Pied Piper in the span of a couple of weeks, but few stick around. The market research points to the disconnect in viewing files as being one reason, and the funnel is supposed to reflect that discovery. If I want to look purely at DAU, I could do that through another feature, but as the post states, it wouldn’t elucidate why people are leaving, just that they are.

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